Hello, Im Mikkel Christiansen, a creative technologist based in Copenhagen. Find me on Instagram,  and LinkedIn.


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Human centered designer by heart

I’m a firm believer in the value of a user centred design process and the iterative design thinking strategy. In particularly love using design as a material for exploratory research.  I employ a lot of different UX and Interaction design methods in my work, both exploratory and validating. I usually refer to the double diamondmodel or the design funnel when describing my process. I believe good design originates from a process where all stakeholders are included early and often.


I’m constantly on the look-out for new tech or development frameworks that can inspire new weird prototypes or services I can make. This has been my primary motivator for learning to code and design digital games and tools. As a digital developer I’m experienced with agile work processes and working in cross-disciplinary teams. I furthermore have experience with creative coding in Unity (C#), Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON) and Processing.


Experienced in creating high fidelity UI designs in Sketch/illustrator. Mockups in photoshop/illustrator and animating UI using principle or after effects. I also have some experience in digital art, be it vector or pixel based, and have created the odd trailer here and now for different games and projects.