Augmented Reality Investments

How to make investments tangible

As main responsible for the user experience of Nordea’s easy investment service Nora I work a lot on how to display investments in a relatable and understandable ways. But being in a bank means the ideas and features that end up on the backlog is often prioritised based on what we can do quickly and/or at low risk.

Therefor when I had a couple of days open in my calendar I decided to sit down and explore how to manke investments and the possbile return tangible in a new way. As I had two days I had to work quickly through iterating on ideas, conceptualising the best ones and developing a prototype. The end result was this AR prototype that seeks make tangible the otherwise ethereal concept of investments. AR was an obvious choice as the technology was fairly easy to use in Unity and is still unexplored (at least in terms of banking).

The prototype was a success in the way that it allowed me and my colleagues to explore the potential of AR. Having a living prototype in your hands give way better insights into the possibilities of the technology rather than sketches or inVision prototypes.

If I were to continue working on this I would try to find the fun of the experience. Through the prototype it was obvious that using real world objects were great at signifying value and return. But to really make the experience interesting we need to explore how the app can not only overlay the objects but make them enhance the whole physical context (in the digital lens). Thereby better merging the physical and digital world and making the experience more engaging and interesting. Avenues of exploration could be social elements, interact-able objects, animations, customisation etc.