Investment strategy narrative and visuals

Investment strategy narrative and visuals


A department in charge of investment advice communicate a new strategy. We originally wanted to help them get an outside agency to help them convert their strategy into video format, as we felt it had potential to be larger than the typical power point presentation. But as things goes they felt it was too expensive to hire outside and we decided instead that we could help them out with limited time and resources to get something of immediate use in communication.

It was of course very fun to help them with their visuals, but the most interesting thing here was to convert their, to be honest, very bankish and boring narrative into something that was rooted in the customers, looked new and un-bankish and could be easily communicated.

To help communicate a new banking business model within investment advice I worked with several of their business and communication stakeholders to transform their vision into a communicative narrative and visual language. The strategy was defined partly from a user centered perspective but was communicated and envisioned from a business potential and an inside-out way of thinking.

I helped convert their strategy and power point into a narrative that put the customer in the center and conveyed the visionary ideas they were striving towards. This was then used both internally in the bank to get traction and buy-in on the strategy and also to communicate to the advisers and customers in the branches.

The design process involved storyboarding and narrative building to get the strategy under the skin and redirected to have a customer-emphatic view. Through this I created a visual style that fit the vision and then a short and to the point narrative that could be easily used as a frame for communication. It was important that the material could also be modified and used in the existing workflows (read: power point etc.). So I created the materials so that each element could be taken out and used by itself or to communicate a new part of the story should it evolve after hand-off.

See excerpts of the narrative below: