Pill dispenser

3D visualisation of pill dispenser concept



The pulse (or PULS) was a product idea from 3 day concept development sprint. We were tasked with creating a product that could help patients and chronically ill remember to take their medicine.
We wanted to create a product that could exist in their everyday environment without highlighting their sickness or making their sickness a part of the patients defining qualities.
At the same time the product should be a way for patients and relatives to casually talk about the sickness and create a general awareness of when the patient needs to take his/her pills.

The result was the pulse (PULS). A pill dispenser that will gradually open in timeintervals corresponding to the patients pill schedule. When fully open it reveals a curated artwork. It will hereafter dispense the pills and wait for the top to be pressed down again. This way the pill event will be associative with something positive that can generate causal conversation not necessarily about the patients sickness. Further development options could include a companion app where relatives could send pictures and texts to the dispenser.