Jumping roguelike


A jumping roguelike platformer inspired by “double design”. This means that most game design decisions should have a dual purpose. This permeates the whole game and can be seen in e.g. the movement design, enemy design, item design and level design. The game is heavily inspired by roguelikes such as spelunky, the binding of Isaac & Downwell.

At the moment the game includes:

  • 3 player characters
  • 4 level themes
  • Randomly generated dungeons, inspired by spelunky but modified to fit the downwards gameplay movement.
  • 100+ items (~60 good items, ~40 bad items)
  • 3 base enemy types (which evovle in random gameplay directions as the game progresses)
  • 4 platform types that react to the player jumps.
  • A tutorial level
  • And much more!

The player navigates the levels by jumping and sliding on walls. When the player jumps he/she also shoots in the opposite direction forcing the player to both move and attack at the same time. Through out the levels the player picks up item that modifies the gameplay by giving the player special abilities. BUT! each time the player picks up a buff he/she must also live with the negative side effects which can impact both enemy stats and behaviour. This way the item decisions is imbued with the double design notion and also creates a new experience each time the game is played. These are just some of the examples of the double design implementations.

Development process

An early version of the map generator.

An early version showing the game before I switched it to a more easily readable art style.

Main menu UI