Currently studying Digital Media & Design at the IT University of Copenhagen. Here I am focusing on Interaction Design & User Experience Design. In my free time I am a volunteer Barista in the student driven Café Analog. I also play bass in a party band and play regularly at birthdays and weddings.

I use a lot of my free time on illustrations, digital drawing and animations, on both personal and commissioned works. Therefore I am experienced with creative software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, 3D modelling software & procreate (for iPad).

I have also used several Mock-Up software in my school work, including Sketch, UX pin and InVision.

I am experienced in JavaScriptC++C. For website construction I am competent in  HTMLCSSWordPress.

I have challenged myself with developing and publishing the iPad Game ORBIT. So since January I have been creating the game from scratch in my spare time, which means that i have autodidact experience in the Unity game editor and iOS development & publishing. The plan is to release the game later this year, as the game currently is almost ready for serious user tests.